United Utilities Stockport

Installation of 2 off DP574 Hiller Decapress centrifuges with SEE drives

United Utilities Stockport

The Company
United Utilities, Stockport

The Problem
When United Utilities were looking to update their sewage treatment works to improve digestion and provide additional capacity they went to their framework partner KMI to manage the complete purchase and install process.

The Solution
Following a competitive tender and a review of the centrifuges available to them, they decided to install two Hiller Decapress units.

Installation of the two DP574 SEE centrifuges – each capable of processing 50 m3/hr each of conventional digested sewage sludge – took place in 2015.

As the site is quite close to the motorway and nearby town of Stockport, the scope included the provision of a set of external weatherproof acoustic covers

The feed solids at site varies from 3 – 4% dry solids and the centrifuges provide a recovery rate of some 98% with centrate at less than 1,000 mg/l suspended solids. The cake at 25-30% dry solids are discharged on to a cake pad for onward movements.

To ensure that the plant remains as energy efficient as possible, the centrifuges were fitted with Eco Jet weir plates which reduced their energy consumption by 25%.

Integration with the onsite SCADA system and the Hiller SEE controller ensures that the system is always under control and can be remotely monitored by United Utilities staff. The fully automated plant is capable of running unmanned 24 hours / day, 7 days per week.

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