MSE Hiller launches two new mobile sludge dewatering DP66-422 units

29 August 2019

Two brand new mobile sludge dewatering units have been added to the fleet of MSE Hiller centrifuges in the UK.

The units, which have been built at MSE Hiller’s Markham Vale facility in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, incorporate a high level of process automation and control, offering capacities of up to 90 m3/hr.

The machines are fitted with their own onboard progressing cavity feed pump, macerator, Endress + Hauser Flowmeters, automatic liquid polymer make-up and dosing system, starter control panel with remote monitoring connectivity and all the pipework valves and fittings in high grade stainless steel.

During recent proving trials, cake dry solids of 28 - 33% were achieved with polymer dose rates as low as 6 kgs/t dry solids. On industrial application,s the cake solids have been as high a 72 - 78 % dry solids. Additionally, recovery rates of 98 % have been reported.

In addition to the mobile dewatering units, a complete range of ancillary equipment is also available to hire including inclined trailer loading cake conveyors, pipework, electrical generators and MDU units, centrate tanks, transfer pumps and macerators screens.

Units ranging in capacity from as little as 200 lt/hr) up to 100 - 120 m3/hr are also available to hire. Our mobile systems are designed to be easily installed at your site, minimising set up times and reducing disruption based on a closed hygienic design. Learn more about renting an MSE Mobile Rental Unit here.

To learn more about our new mobile sludge dewatering units, get in touch with the MSE Hiller team.