Screwpress replaced by a Hiller Decapress just in time for 2020 apple harvest

08 January 2021

A new Decapress machine from MSE Hiller replaced a screwpress just in time for the 2020 apple harvest and also helped to significantly reduce maintenance costs for a leading UK cider producer.

An old screwpress, which was used for sludge dewatering was unreliable and returned a lot of solids in the filtrate for Herefordshire-based H Weston & Son. The family-owned company, which has produced award-winning cider for over 140 years uses traditional methods in its cider making process, found its screwpress on waste sludge to be problematic.

The large volumes of involved in the washing and processing of apples creates a waste sludge which needs to be dewatered. Unfortunately, the old screwpress had become mechanically unreliable and passed a lot of solids back into the effluent plant. As well as being unreliable, the ongoing use of the old screw press was proving expensive to maintain and, more worryingly, it could not be relied upon to process the next apple harvest.

In a race against time, the company turned to MSE Hiller, a UK leader in the supply, installation, and rental of sludge dewatering equipment, for a solution.

Despite the constraints of the Covid pandemic, MSE Hiller managed to trial on site a skid mounted Hiller DP31-422 Decapress Centrifuge rental unit. The results spoke for themselves:

  • Cake solids increased to the 25 - 29% dry solids range
  • Centrate was less than 50 ppm
  • All from a highly variable feed solids of 1 – 6% ds
  • Feed rate 2 – 5 m3/hr

Weston’s quickly moved on to engage MSE Hiller in the design and install of a new state-of-the- dewatering solution in July 2020.

A delighted H Weston & Son’s plant manager said: “The installation has worked exceptionally well, just in time for the 2020 Apple harvest.”

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To learn more about the solution, read the full case study here

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